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Welcome to the home of Images by Xtlman. A local Las Vegas photographer and digital artist with over 20 years experience behind the lens of a Nikon and 10+ years expressing creativity via Photoshop and tablet, bringing artistic visions to life. Since landing in the desert Southwest in 1999, I have had the opportunity to photograph thousands of commercial properties from Utah to Arizona for digital and print media; design logos and digital artwork for marketing and public information campaigns; and produce in-house studio work consisting of custom still-life images and composite photography of a unique nature.

Whether you are here to browse, searching for a change of pace, or maybe even a new artist, again, Welcome. More image categories can be found in the Portfolio section. Looking to discuss an upcoming project, or maybe for specific studio or product photography work, or a project that just won't get off the ground, drop me a line here.

Help me fund my business venture. Seeking funding to meet the growing demand of drone flights for commercial assessment and evaluations services. If you can spare a $5 or $10, fantastic and thanks. Support me here.

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High-End Residential

do your pictures do your property justice?
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Day or Night

with true natural lighting, the indoor ambiance is maintained.
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At Home - Poolside

if you have features this nice, your pictures should make it look so.
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Artwork and Sculptures

the investment is substantial, should not your images be the best.
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Perception of Size

even smaller spaces can be made to appear larger.
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Repetitive Patterns

and mirrors is another method to add size and visual interest.
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Classic Grand Staircase

lighting balance is key to bring into view both interior and exterior.
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Accentuate Shape

when you have buildings with unique geometries.
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Hi-Tech Equipment

in ambient lighting requires multiple exposures to capture subtle details.
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Industrial Interiors

need the same tack-sharp focus and attention to detail
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Interior Furnishings

in a warehouse showroom can be problematic, with a variety of different light sources.