Your Vision - Realized

Mid-Year 2017

Been a busy first-half of the year

From makin it to the 10 finalist images for the cover design of the new Al Capone cigar case, to being published in the March/April issue of Nevada Magazine (lead-in image was full page spread), to more senior pictures and a few portraits, we have kept the cameras busy, and the photographer out of trouble. We have more goodies on the horizon, like the Fellowship of the Lonliest road competition and the upcoming Nevada Magazine What Nevada Means to Me photo contest. So stay tuned for more content to come.

Your Vision - Realized.

Updated Content
Images In Motion

Thanks to the fine crew over at Plotagraph, we have been granted access to test their awesome product out. If you ever thought that your static images were missing something, like maybe a hint of motion, this is the software to check-out. Check out some selected images created using the software here.

Welcome to Fabulous

Las Vegas, Nevada

Jack's Balls

Are you getting what you want with your outsourced projects? Fancy cameras, 360 video devices and high-end drones are of little benefit when the finished product is not in line with your vision. The tools are only as good as the hands they are in.

Does your photographer keep you in the loop? Are projects completed in a timely manner? Do you like the quality of the work you receive as a finished product?. A no answer to any of these questions is a RED FLAG.

Bottom line - When you have tried the rest, time to go with the best. What makes me the best? My clients of course. We get better at our craft by being challenged, and my clients are consistently looking to go above and beyond the limits. The tactile world has gone digital. We no longer have the added sensations that came with the physical handling of images from the past. So now it is up to me, and others worthy of the challenge to transform the viewing process from left swipe/right swipe, to something that makes you take pause, for just a second. For in that second, you and I are connected.



Welcome to the crew from Atlas Obscura

I was told by RC Conception a long time ago that if you are going to shoot what everyone else shoots, you had do it at least as good if not better than those before you. I have never been a follower of the crowds or what is trendy. The true artist follows his dreams and visions. Maybe I have spent a few too many years in the desert southwest (sans hat), but the quirky and strange has always appearled to me. From the little alien tourists in Holbrook Arizona to the 15-foot tall Roadrunner at the city entrance to Fort Stockton, Texas; if you look for it, you can find from unique to downright bizarre just about everwhere. You just have to be willing to look. Over the last decade, I have acquired more than a few images from #OFFTHEBEATENTRACK, and have shared a few select ones in the gallery below.



Fly the Friendly Skies of Sin City

Phanton Drone

Join me in the new world of recreational UAV flying. Don't forget to stop by The Hangar to check out the new content.

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