Mark Dunton "Xtlman"

Welcome to my little corner of cyberspace. As a Las Vegas based freelance photographer, I am blessed with an infinite number of 'unique' subjects and projects to pursue. Landscapes, Cityscapes and Commercial Art take up the majority of my time, but I do "shoot people too". So browse around, check out what's going on and book a shoot. Need more info and creds, click here.

One of the more frequent inquiries I have been receiving recently is a quasi-photojournalism type shoot of the Las Vegas visit. Individuals - couples - groups find it much easier to have a photographer around, they can be themselves and don't have to worry about getting the pictures they want, that's MY job. If you are interested in scheduling a booking, we have some slots remaining after Labor Day (weather will be beautiful for the next two months). Contact me at : or on my cell at 702.308.0607
to get on the calendar.

The links below will take you to a more concise presentation of my Body of Work, as well as some guides and tips/tricks to help you become more confident in your craft. If you find my style is one you connect with, give me a call or text me at the number above so we can have a 'sit-down' and talk about your vision.

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Do you enjoy sharing your photos online, whether it is G+, Flickr, Tumblr or any of a myriad of other similar sites. I have found that a site YouPic is really a refreshingly different type of photo sharing site. This one is run by a European Photographer, and the work ranges from point and shoot to high end DSLRs. The nice thing - is not the popularity contest that exists on other sites, you actually get feedback based on merit, and the people are quite friendly. And the bottom line - it is FREE, so there is NO IMPACT to your bottom line......

What's going on...

in the studio and the field

From the Backyard Studio we are still focusing on summer blooms, insects and birds. Floral prints always seem to be good sellers, so I am again concentrating on bringing the best images that I can, to my client base.

Inside, I have been busy working on a line of commercial art images, suitable for display in a variety of space types from office to lounge, using still-life images. For the outdoor enthusiast our newest image might be of some interest -