Seasons Greetings

Happy Holidays

From Our Family to Yours

The Holiday Season - A time for friends, family and celebration. A time to put our differences aside and march forward into a new year. A time to be thankful for those gifts which we have received, regardless of size. We hope the season finds you in good health and high-spirits, and surrounded by your loved ones. Thank you for visiting this little corner of cyberspace, and we hope to have entertained you during your short stay.

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Images In Motion

Thanks to the fine crew over at Plotagraph, we have been granted access to test their awesome product out. If you ever thought that your static images were missing something, like maybe a hint of motion, this is the software to check-out. Though a bit on the pricey side, the finished product leaves little doubt as to the value. Check out the new snippets below created using this software.

Deck the Halls

With Jack's Balls

Ho Ho Ho

Jack's Balls

Digital art, contract photography, aerial imaging - Is what you are getting what you want?
Fancy cameras, 360 video devices and high-end drones are of little benefit when the finished product is not in line with your vision.

The ability to produce a final product that has both the artistic ambiance that drew you to the artists style initially, and the technical qualities that exceed your expected requirements, takes a combination of both artistic intellect and creative flexibility. When you are ready to take the next step, and see beyond the limits of your imaging projects, contact info is but a mouse-wheel flick below.

Bottom line - You have a project. You want to make one call and have it taken care of, beginning to end. And you want a quality deliverable - On Time (or preferably yesterday - I know the R.E. market). Give me a jingle, I have the tools and skills to make your project happen.



Of recently completed projects
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Fly the Friendly Skies of Sin City

Phanton Drone

Join me in the new world of recreational UAV flying. Don't forget to stop by The Hangar to check out the new content.

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Phone: 702.308.0607